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In the state of Washington Worker's Compensation insurance is administered by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries or L&I.  This is a mandatory insurance for employees and premiums are taken out of the worker's paychecks at a rate depending on the amount of risk of injury the worker has.

L&I has ruled that hearing loss suffered from exposure to loud noise on the job can be covered by Worker's Compensation insurance under some circumstances, sometimes EVEN YEARS AFTER RETIREMENT.  However, only L&I can determine if you qualify.  And the only way to find out if you qualify is to make a claim.

If you think you may have hearing loss caused while on the job in the state of Washington, WE CAN HELP you file a claim with L&I or self-insured employer.

We have the forms and expertise to make filing a claim easy. We'll even help you fill out the forms and we do this all for FREE. 

So SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT and let's get started!