Beltone® Service   We are NOT an authorized Beltone dealership, but we CAN offer most servicing for your Beltone hearing aids.   Orphaned Beltone users in the Longview area don’t have to buy new hearing aids or travel long distances to the nearest Beltone dealership to get basic service on hearing aids they bought from Beltone. 856 15th Ave Longview WA 98632     CALL TODAY! 360-423-3608 What we CAN do: •	We can send your out of warranty hearing aids out for repair •	We have compatible domes and receivers in stock •	We can work with your L&I account •	We can clean your hearing aids What we CANNOT do: •	We cannot send your hearing aids into Beltone forservicing under the Beltone warranty •	We cannot make programming adjustments to yourBeltone hearing aids Get Directions Okay the bad news is the Beltone dealership left town.  The good news is, we want your business!    Call today for an appointment.